Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to common questions regarding Realtime-Spy.

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Realtime-Spy has been tested on, and is fully compatible with macOS and Mac OS X 10.6 and later.

Your antivirus software may be blocking the logging app from running, Realtime-Spy may already be installed and running, or your Mac is not set to allow downloads from third-party developers.

If your Mac displays a "damaged file" error when you try running your Realtime-Spy app please do the following:

  1. Right click on the downloaded Realtime-Spy app
  2. Click "New Terminal at Folder" in the menu that pops up
  3. In the Terminal window that appears, type the following command: xattr -r -d ../ and press Return
    "" should be replaced with the name of the Realtime-Spy app you specified when creating and downloading
  4. If successful, Terminal will simply go to the next line, awaiting for another command
  5. Now, close the Terminal window and run/double-click the downloaded Realtime-Spy app again to install

If your Mac blocks your Realtime-Spy logging app download due to it being from an 'unidentified developer' you can allow it to run by opening your 'System Preferences' and then clicking on 'Security & Privacy'. From there click on the 'General' tab and choose 'Open Anyway' next to the message regarding the Realtime-Spy logging app you just tried to download and run. The logging app will then run and install.

To prevent the admin password prompt from appearing on each startup please open your Mac's System Preferences, click on Security & Privacy, then Accessibility, then 'Click the lock to make changes' and enter your password. After you do this click on the Privacy tab and check the box next to rsysconfig in the list, then reboot your Mac. You should be prompted for the password once more on that reboot only.

Please open the System Preferences on your Mac, then click on 'Security & Privacy', then select the 'Privacy' tab, then select the 'Accessibility' option in the settings menu on the left. Click on the padlock at the bottom left of the screen so you can make changes, then check the checkbox next to 'rsysconfig' or 'rtcfg' in the apps list. After this keystroke logging should work properly (a reboot may be required).

Please open the System Preferences on your Mac, then click on 'Security & Privacy', then select the 'Privacy' tab, then select the 'Screen Recording' option in the settings menu on the left. Click on the padlock at the bottom left of the screen so you can make changes, then check the checkbox next to 'rsysconfig' or 'rtcfg' in the apps list. After this screenshot capturing should work properly (a reboot may be required).

You will need to distribute the Realtime-Spy application you created to your Mac you want to monitor. The file you created and downloaded from your member's area is the file you will send and run on other computers you own. For detailed e-mail and network deployment steps please refer to Realtime-Spy's help documentation.

Unlike other monitoring packages, Realtime-Spy is VERY small in size (less than 500kb) and will take only a few moments to download.

While Realtime-Spy runs invisibly unless configured otherwise, the installation informs the user they are installing monitoring software, to prevent unauthorized usage.

To view your activity logs for Realtime-Spy simply point your browser to . You will be prompted for your username and password - enter these as given to you when you purchased Realtime-Spy.

Absolutely not! Every user has their own unique username and password that only THEY know. You must specify your username and password to login and view activity logs for your Realtime-Spy software.

Yes, you can use the Realtime-Spy archive utility in your member's area to download logs from your account for future viewing and use.

Absolutely. Unlike other remote monitoring products, Realtime-Spy does not care if the monitored Mac is behind a firewall or router, or if the Mac is on a network, cable, or dialup connection. You will be able to ALWAYS access your logs via your webspace. No need for IP addresses, port numbers, or directly connecting to the remote Mac!

Once you start monitoring a Mac your computer and its logs will appear in your account. Please wait a few minutes from when the logging app is first ran for the first sets of logs to appear.

Simply use the password form under the 'Account Management' section in your member's area. This password change will effect remotely deployed Realtime-Spy apps - if you change your password they will not longer update your webspace with logs until you reconfigure their passwords.

Please use the 'Remove Computer' function in your member's area. To access this, select a computer you want to remove from the computer selection screen, then click 'Remove Computer'.

Yes, just copy the Realtime-Spy file you configured to your portable drive. Then copy it from the drive/disk/media to the Mac you want to install it on - then run the file.

Make sure you are entering the username/password EXACTLY as given to you (the password and username are case sensitive). If this does not work please contact us to have your password reset.

First, you should ensure that the software is still running on the remote Mac. If it is not, then re-run the logging app you created to restart monitoring. Second, verify that you have not changed your password after creating and installing the logging app on the target Mac. Changing your password will cause the remote app to be unable to access your log storage account. If your password has been changed prior to uninstalling Realtime-Spy you will need to manually stop Realtime-Spy and re-install a new logging app.

If you are unable to uninstall the computer via your member's area please run the Activity Monitor app in your Applications -> Utilities folder, then force quit the 'rtcfg' process. Afterwards, create, download, and run a new logging app to resume monitoring.

The admin commands can take a few moments to take affect and will only work as long as the remote computer is online and active. When a command complete the 'command pending' message will vanish, signifying the command was received and executed.

Your Realtime-Spy account can hold up to 500 screenshots at any given time. 500 more screenshots can be added to your storage limit for $19.95. You can increase your storage capacity as many times as you need.